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Should the Grenada Constitution Abolish the Death Penalty? – By Dr Lawrence A. Joseph


Section 230 of the Criminal Code of Grenada provides that any person above the age of eighteen years of age who is convicted of murder by virtue of the court system would be liable to suffer death. This piece of legislation is fully authorized by section 2 of the Grenada Constitution. Despite these provisions, the last execution which was carried out in Grenada as a result of a Court conviction was thirty-six years ago in

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What are the effects of suspending a constitution? – By Dr. Lawrence A. Joseph


A constitution may be suspended legally by activation of an emergency provision in the constitution itself or it may be suspended illegally by the occurrence of a coup d’etat. It will be recalled that a coup d’etat occurred in Grenada on 13th March 1979 when the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) toppled Prime Minister Eric Gairy from power and suspended the constitution. Following an internal conflict amongst the revolutionaries, PRG Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, some of

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“We need to reposition the world’s attention to the challenges of SIDS States”


Anande Trotman Joseph is a lawyer and gender equality advocate from Grenada who is a member of the Civil Society Advisory Group for UN Women’s Multi-Country Office for the Caribbean. A former Solicitor General, she has been involved in drafting several hallmark national reports for Grenada, including the recent Beijing+20 national review and the country’s National Strategy to End Gender-Based Violence. Earlier this year, Ms. Trotman attended preparatory meetings in New York City for the

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Oct, 2013 – A. Anande Trotman Joseph was reappointed a Commissioner of the Integrity Commission


In October 2013, A. Anande Trotman Joseph was reappointed a Commissioner of the Integrity Commission serving for a third term and re elected Deputy Chairperson of the Commission by her peers, and presently serves with Chairperson Dame Justice Monica Joseph.

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Feb, 2013 – Dr. Joseph was appointed a Senator


In February 2013, Dr. Joseph was appointed a Senator and elected President of the Senate of Grenada

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