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Address for International Women’s Day


Address for International Women’s Day on ‘Planet 50 50 by 2030’ The theme for today is “Step it Up for Gender Equality” by Lady Anande Joseph Today we begin a week of celebration of women and girls, just as we have done over the last one hundred years.   Today is a day for women to celebrate their achievements and advancements.  Sisters and Brothers these advancements did not come easy globally or nationally, but were hundreds

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By Sir Lawrence A. Joseph      A recent case judgment coming out from the High Court in Grenada indicates how devastating the tortious offence of defamation could be. In that case the complainant, Dr. Patrick Antoine was awarded compensation against the defendants, Lloyd Noel, in his capacity as a columnist and Grenada Today Limited, in the amount of $575,000.00.  This is the highest amount of damages which have been awarded in Grenada in a case

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By  Sir Lawrence A. Joseph      The present situation regarding Camerhogne Park in Grenada provides a dilemma for Grenadians. Several persons and interests groups have expressed serious concerns about the possibility that the park could be released to a certain developer for the purpose of constructing a multi-million dollar hotel. There seems to be an intention to join this park space with nearby lands formerly occupied by now defunct Riviera Hotel. The main issue therefore

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Implications of Having Fixed Term Elections


by Sir Lawrence A. Joseph      Section 52 of the Grenada Constitution establishes that the life of a Parliament may last up to five years. In practice the Governor-General exercises his or her power to dissolve Parliament on the advice of the incumbent Prime Minister who may so advise at anytime before. After Parliament is dissolved, general elections must be held within three months after the dissolution. Some persons are of the opinion that

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Comparing the US Supreme Court and the CCJ


by Sir Lawrence A. Joseph      The recent passing of United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia helps to lay focus on the politicization of the judicial system in that country. The body of   Justice Scalia who died on Saturday 13th February last, may have been still warm when public debate regarding his replacement ensued. Key members of the Republican Party appear to be taking the position that President Obama, from the Democratic Party, should

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